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Vlad’s life is... complicated. He's a half wizard living with his human mother in New York City. If the other wizards find out about him they'll dissect him just to see what makes him tick. Which would’ve been bad enough, but since bad usually only get worse, he's also a very particular kind of wizard. A Knight wizard.

Wizards think humans are funny, hey think hybrids are lab rats, but they think Knights are a plague sent by the devil herself. Blood-letters, murderers, monsters with the power to unravel the world. They are hunted and exterminated like vermin. From the cradle wizards tell their children stories of the terrible Knights, all the while dreading that their child might be one.

It's funny, but you wouldn't think being hated and hunted you could save you. It saved Vlad. Find out how by reading the ongoing A Rising Knight series.

A Rising Knight chronicles the first four years of Vlad’s life as a Knight wizard. The series will take you from the first moment he gets a taste of power to the moment he takes up the persona that will make him a legend among his people learns it's not enough to play the part. You have to be the real thing if you're going to do anything worthwhile.

The series is told as an anthology, skipping around the time-line of the four years that the story takes place. You'll simultaneously see who Vlad becomes and leads him down that path. I'll be working on three independent story arcs that will center around three main themes, discovery, rebellion, and growth, as well is putting out a few stand alone chapters just for kicks.

Download and read the sample chapter below to get a taste of whats to come. If you likeit or even if you don't, feel free to e-mail me and tell me what you think at arisingknight1@yahoo.com.

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ARK-001 11/5/2010

-Darkness was his mother, a blade his father, death his lover.
He was baptized in fire and blood. He will save you.

How much is the life of a stranger with you? Is it worth as much your own? If you had to choose between being murdered or becoming a murderer which would you choose? Could you live with your choice?

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